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  • Harry Hayes

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Finally, a Video Marketing eBook Written For Marketers and Business Owners. And It's a FREE Download. 

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Because video marketing has exploded in popularity, and become the number one way to generate leads and connect with customers. It’s more effective than blogs. Better than email.

And best of all, our eBook is written with you in mind. 45 pages of experience and insights about marketing and production.

This eBook was written by the owner of Content Puppy productions, Harry Hayes.

What You Need to Know

The Content Puppy Guide to Video isn’t a videography tutorial or “how to” guide.

It isn’t about camera gear. We focus on what marketers and business owners need to know—how video marketing works, the production process, and trends and predictions about video marketing for 2021.

Our goal is to help clients and future clients understand the power of video.

How do 93% of brands use video to connect with customers? Who produced the first viral videos? How have digital marketing and YouTube affected the marketing industry?

It’s all in this free Video Marketing eBook!

FREE Video Marketing eBook

But that’s not all—we cover video production as well.

What do you need to know about video production? How does the process change with different types of video? What types of videos work best for your budget?

We even cover visual storytelling. How to direct people on camera. The pros and cons of using a teleprompter. And if you aren’t sure what something means, we include a complete glossary of video terminology.

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