The Advantages of Hiring a One Person Video Crew

  • Harry Hayes

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A one person video crew can deliver quality videos without the expense.

Streamlined, Cost Effective Production With a One Person Video Crew Is a Growing Trend. Is It Right For You? 

With demand for video content growing every day, a one person video crew offers many advantages for marketers.

You can get the videos you need without having to pay for production company overhead, manpower, expensive equipment, or weeks of pre-production and planning.

But what about quality? Can a one-person production possibly deliver the same caliber of footage?

Actually, yes—with the right camera gear and expertise. Here’s what you need to know.

A one person video crew simplifies communication.

Camera Technology

First of all, cameras and other production gear have advanced tremendously in recent years, making one person video crews possible.

Traditional cameras and tungsten lighting are heavy and cumbersome (not to mention expensive), and require multiple people to operate.

But the latest cameras and LED lighting are smaller and lighter, and much more manageable.

What’s more, audio equipment has also come a long way, making it easier to integrate into the production workflow.

The result—functions that were traditionally performed by multiple people (producer, director, camera operator, gaffer, audio person) can now be handled by just one.

A single person can transport and set up all the gear needed for a multi-camera production, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional production approach.

At Content Puppy, we call that Smart Production.


Logistics is also a big advantage. A one person video crew is easier to schedule, and more likely to be available on short notice. Even last-minute changes are manageable.

You only have one calendar to coordinate, not ten.

But that’s not all. Changing locations is also easier. Even traveling across the country is less of a logistical challenge, making multi-city video production more practical and feasible.

Hiring a one person video crew is also better for social distancing.

Social Distancing

With COVID precautions being implemented once again in many cities, there’s yet another reason to consider hiring a one person video crew—a single person presents much less risk than a full production crew.

Especially if that person is fully vaccinated and wearing a mask.

A one person crew also makes contactless video production possible.

A one person video crew simplifies communication.


Traditional production is about collaboration—multiple individuals have to be on the same page.

The producer manages schedules and costs, the director focuses on performance and camera angles, and the editor puts all the elements together.

Obviously, open communication and planning are critical to success. You need everyone working toward the same goals and sharing the same creative vision.

In a one person crew, the producer, director and editor are all the same person. And that’s a huge advantage—you’re intrinsically working toward the same vision.

Which means an experienced storyteller can manage costs, pack the right gear, design shots, and work the entire project with the final edit in mind.


Every marketing person knows that strategies and creative direction sometimes change, often on a moment’s notice. There are times when production plans need to shift, to stay on schedule.

The ability to pivot and remain agile is yet another advantage of a one person video crew. An experienced storyteller can roll with punches and react to the unexpected, without needing to regroup and rethink.

So, are you ready to give a one person crew a shot? Many marketers and business owners find they actually prefer the scaled-back process, and are pleasantly surprised with the end results.


About the Author: 

Harry Hayes is the owner and executive producer at Content Puppy Productions, a corporate video production agency based in Charlotte. Before starting Content Puppy, he spent 20+ years as an advertising writer and creative director.

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