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  • Harry Hayes

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This New Recruitment Marketing Campaign for a Caterpillar Dealer Targets Specific Groups for New Hires.

I just produced this series of TV commercials for Yancey Brothers recruitment marketing.

You may recall, I recently wrote about the Yancey Brothers media buy. They’re using a cost effective approach called OTT, or Over The Top media, to reduce their TV advertising costs. In case you missed it, you can read about it here.

Today, I’m writing about the advertising creative.

Recruitment Marketing

First, a little about the company. Yancey Brothers is a 100-year-old business, and Atlanta’s largest CAT dealer. They sell and rent heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, etc.

They also service all that equipment. So, as you can imagine, they have a HUGE need for mechanics and service techs. And that’s the point of this new campaign. They need to hire mechanics, so they’re targeting specific demographic groups where they’ve been able to find mechanics in the past.

For example, here’s one focused on ex-military techs—a good source of new Yancey Brothers hires.

Yancey Brothers also has an entry-level program. They recruit auto mechanics right out of high school, and train them to work on heavy equipment.

Here’s a commercial we did for the entry-level target:

A third source of Yancey Brothers new hires is experienced techs currently working for the competition. Here’s a commercial targeting experienced techs:

Cost Effective Production

By shooting multiple commercials as a package, we were able to produce the spots very cost effectively. Besides the ones shown here, there are additional executions, and :15 versions as well. 

To fully benefit from an OTT media buy, you produce MORE individual spots, each focused on a specific audience. 

This Yancey Brothers campaign is a good example.

Thank you once again to Greg Dewalt at Yancey Brothers and to  Propellant Media for referring me on this project.


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