How Ad Agency Videos Define a Specialized Niche

  • Harry Hayes

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As More Agencies Jump on the Specialization Bandwagon, Ad Agency Videos Are More Important Than Ever.

Have you noticed the latest trend in Ad Agency Videos? I can sum it up in one word—specialization.

More and more agencies these days are repositioning themselves as experts or thought leaders in a specific niche. For years there were full-service agencies and digital agencies, and then SEO agencies and social media agencies.

But now, the niches seem to be getting even more granular and industry-specific. Retail agencies. Health care agencies. Small business agencies. Event marketing agencies. E-commerce agencies.

Why Specialize?

In a marketplace dominated by Google search and page rankings, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for agencies to differentiate themselves.

A Google search for “Ad Agency” shows 2.29 TRILLION results. Good luck with that page one ranking.

Plus, clients love hiring specialists. Instead of partnering with one firm that handles everything, they’ll hire separate, specialized firms for lead generation, web development, branding, etc.

Or, they’ll hire an agency that specializes in their particular industry. That makes sense—it’s easier to partner with someone who already understands your products and your target market.

Ad Agency Videos

So how do Ad Agency Videos tie into this? The videos are a great way—probably the best way—to tell your agency story.

Here’s an example: Kleber & Associates is an Atlanta agency that specializes in home and building products. They’ve been a “niche agency” for over 30 years.

To his credit, agency owner Steve Kleber is truly an expert in marketing home and building products. He knows the trade shows, the manufacturers, even the industry bloggers.

Here’s a video I created for Kleber & Associates several years ago. It basically defines K&A as experts in a specific niche:

Now, even the niche isn’t niche enough. I recently produced a NEW video for K&A that focuses them even more specifically, as experts in Sales and Marketing alignment. That video as at the top of this page.

Both videos clearly position K&A as an agency specialist—an expert in a particular area.

Compare that to Ad Agency Videos from a few years ago, when specialization was less important.

Here’s a video I created for another Atlanta agency:

If you’re an agency owner, are you thinking about repositioning into a specific niche or industry? If you need a video, I’m happy to help.

Also, thank you to my friends at Kleber & Associates for their projects and support.


About the Author: 

Harry Hayes is the owner and executive producer at Content Puppy Productions, a corporate video production agency based in Charlotte. Before starting Content Puppy, he spent 20+ years as an advertising writer and creative director.

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