Why Your Business Needs a Video Content Library

  • Harry Hayes

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If You Post Video Content on a Regular Basis, A Video Content Library Can Provide Much Needed Footage.

What exactly is a video content library?

It’s basically a collection of shots that can be used to create videos. A content library might include product footage, interviews, and B-roll of your business or manufacturing facility.

The clips are conveniently stored on a hard drive, and can be accessed whenever needed when you’re editing new content.

So why is a content library important? Usually, the biggest obstacle to creating a video, especially when it’s needed on short notice, is finding footage.

A video content library solves that problem. The footage is there whenever you need it.

Building a Video Content Library

Every time you edit a video, you need footage. Some marketers use stock footage, but at hundreds of dollars a clip, that approach can be cost prohibitive.

Plus, stock footage tends to be generic. Video for specific business niches can be hard to find.

That’s why the best source of footage is a professional video shooter (like me). On most projects, I end up shooting more than I need, and will have extra product footage, B-roll, etc.

More often than not, those shots end up being used on a subsequent project.

To build a video content library, shoot footage related to your product or brand and save it for future use.

There’s Another Approach

That said, there is another approach for building a video content library, and that’s to shoot footage with future productions in mind.

In other words, shoot first, and figure out how to use the footage later.

That’s the approach I took for one of my clients, Your Home 1 Source. 

Your Home 1 Source is a website that’s all about homeownership— buying and selling a home, mortgages, home inspections, landscaping, furniture & decor, home security, and more.

Obviously, Your Home 1 Source has an ongoing need for new video content, so the idea of a video content library was very appealing to them. So they reached out to me at Content Puppy.

As your video content library grows, you'll have fewer worries about finding footage for future projects.

An Ongoing Project

I began looking for opportunities to shoot local construction crews, interior designers, realtor signs—anything that could serve as interesting B Roll. This wasn’t a limited-time project, it was more of an ongoing thing.

I live in a neighborhood where a lot of renovation and home flipping is going on. So I approached local builders about shooting possibilities. Several started giving me a heads up whenever anything interesting was scheduled.

I also began grabbing beauty shots around the neighborhood.

Homes, landscaping, sunsets and more. When the grass turned green in spring and gardens started blooming, I grabbed my camera.

The publisher of Your Home 1 Source, Sean Stockell, dropped by to shoot on-camera content. We captured clips on multiple subjects, some targeted toward consumers, others to home service providers.

Those clips will be used to create multiple web videos in the coming months.

A video content library consists of

Tips For Getting Started 

Would a video content library benefit your content marketing efforts? Here are some tips for building one of your own.

1. If shooting your own footage, record in the highest quality available.

2. Keep the original uncompressed files.

3. Look beyond the generic—specific subjects and product demonstrations can be quite useful.

4. If people are utilized, get signed talent releases. Only use footage you have the rights to.

5. Keep shooting. As footage gets utilized, you’ll want to continually add more shots to your library.

6. Also update footage to show the latest products, new models, etc.


About the Author: 

Harry Hayes is the owner and executive producer at Content Puppy Productions, a corporate video production agency based in Charlotte. Before starting Content Puppy, he spent 20+ years as an advertising writer and creative director.

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