A Fresh Advertising Campaign About Farm Fresh Food

  • Harry Hayes

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With As Many Selling Points As Farmview Market, It Takes an Advertising Campaign to Cover Them All. 

This advertising campaign for Farmview Market started out as an assignment for a single commercial. There was just one problem—Farmview has so many noteworthy features to talk about, it wouldn’t all fit in 30 seconds.

To be honest, at the time of our first meeting, I had never heard of Farmview Market. It’s located in Madison, GA, about an hour east of Atlanta. So the day after the meeting, I drove to Madison to experience Farmview Market for myself. 

It has a great vibe—down home and friendly. Part general store, part farmers market, part family restaurant, Farmview Market truly is one of a kind.

Someone described it as “Whole Foods meets Cracker Barrel.” That’s pretty accurate.

I got to work developing concepts, but just couldn’t come up with anything that covered the whole story.

Finally I thought, why not do multiple spots?

To shoot this advertising campaign for Farmview Market, I travelled all over Georgia.

An Advertising Campaign

So after some discussion with the client, I created a series of :15 commercials.

There are six concepts in all. The :15s would be paired together, so they could still run as :30 cable TV.

There’d be a spot about fresh produce, and others about Farmview Cafe, the Butcher Shop, the Grist Mill (stone ground grits) and the Farmer’s Market.

Nearly everything they sell at Farmview is locally grown, from their own farms or from other farms in Georgia.

The Farmview Market advertising campaign included footage from Rock House Creamery.

For the advertising campaign, the idea was to do short, focused commercials, with a single brand positioning.

In Farmview’s case, the one benefit that tied everything together was freshness.

Freshness is the reason locally grown food tastes better. It’s why the milk is fresher. The steaks are better. Even the restaurant is better.

It’s All About Freshness

Finally, we tied everything together with a tag line: It’s Not Just Fresh. It’s Farmview.

To film the commercials, I drove all over Georgia. I spent several days filming in the store and at Rock House Creamery, and a day filming at their cattle farm, three hours south of Atlanta.

I also went back to Madison to shoot their BBQ Cook Off, just for fun.

Holiday Commercials

A few months after finishing the advertising campaign, Farmview called again. They wanted holiday spots for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This involved additional shooting, as the store was now decorated.

Many thanks to Laura Rotroff and Keith Kelly at Farmview Market (part of Kelly Products) for trusting me with their campaign, and to Art Reid for the initial referral. Also a big shout out to Brad Davidorf, the Atlanta VO talent who gave these spots a personality all their own.

If you’re interested in developing an advertising campaign for your business—or just one spot—I hope you'll give Content Puppy a call. 


About the Author: 

Harry Hayes is the owner and executive producer at Content Puppy Productions, a corporate video production agency based in Charlotte. Before starting Content Puppy, he spent 20+ years as an advertising writer and creative director.

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